Thompson River Basin
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 Water Droplet Area:   711,238.11 Acres (MO only)wpe2A.jpg (6174 bytes)
Water Droplet Population*
             Thompson River Basin - 16,181 persons (2000)
             Missouri Regional Social and Economic Profile
             *Population figures are for the state of Missouri portion of this watershed
Water Droplet Political Districts
             Congressional District 6
             Missouri Congressional Redistricting Maps- Adopted 2001
             Missouri Congressional Districts inclusive of Neighboring States
Water Droplet Portions of Five Counties
Water Droplet Maps
             Hydrologic Unit Location Map
             Location - Lower Missouri-Grand-Chariton River basin
Water Droplet Source Water Protection
Water Droplet Physical Characteristics
             Land Use & Cover
             Online Published Soil Survey for Missouri Counties
Water Droplet Activities
             319 Projects
             SALT, EARTH and Critical Watersheds
             Watershed Groups
             Active USGS Projects
             Ongoing Projects in Missouri
Water Droplet Water Quality
             Water Quality Monitoring sites
             Pesticides and Water Quality State Management Plans
             Impaired Waters - 2003 303(d) List - Northeast Region
                                                                                   North Kansas City Region
             Watershed Information
             Water Quality Inventory for Watershed Thompson
Water Droplet Natural Resources Conservation Contacts
Water Droplet Stream Team Interactive Map
Water Droplet Form a Missouri Stream Team
Water Droplet National Watershed Network

Missouri Department
of Natural Resources

Missouri Watershed Information Network (MoWIN)
Send comments to:
205 Agricultural Engineering
Columbia, MO 65211
Phone: (573) 882-0085
Toll Free: (MO only): 1-877-H20-shed (426-7433)
Fax: (573) 884-5650

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