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The 4-H youth development program works with youth 5 to 18 years of age to offer:

  • Long-term educational experiences that include learning-by-doing in projects, community service, trips and strong family involvement. 4-H members acquire knowledge, build character, develop life skills and form attitudes that will enable them to be self-directed, productive members of society.

  • Short-term educational experiences such as school enrichment programs that supplement learning in the classroom. Most are led by teachers or 4-H volunteers. These experiences may include environmental stewardship, embryology training, after-school computer labs, and educational support for students’ science fair projects.

  • Special-interest programs include conferences, distance learning programs, day camps and other educational activities such as stream cleanup outings and school-age care.

4-H has no geographic boundaries, and available environmental activities vary by county. While it has its beginnings in rural America, 4-H projects and activities today appeal to all young people.
  • 14% of members are from farms
  • 38% are from rural towns smaller than 10,000
  • 23% are from cities and towns, 10-50,000
  • 16% are from cities larger than 50,000
  • 9% are from suburbs larger than 50,000

For more information about the 4-H mission, see http://mo4h.missouri.edu/volunteer/faq.htm. If you are interested in joining a 4-H club or becoming a volunteer, contact your University Extension Center, or one of the following:

State Office Website: http://mo4h.missouri.edu/

Barry County:
Michael Hall, hallmi@missouri.edu
John Ezell, ezellj@missouri.edu

McDonald & Newton Counties:
Lynda Dumond, dumondl@missouri.edu
John Ezell, ezellj@missouri.edu

State Office Website: http://www.kidsarus.org

Benton County:
Janice Shofner, jshofner@uaex.edu

State Office Website: http://www.oznet.ksu.edu/4hyp

Crawford County:
Jim Mengarelli, jmengare@oznet.ksu.edu

State Office Website: http://www.agweb.okstate.edu/fourh

Delaware County: jasonh@okstate.edu

Ottawa County:
Stan Fimple, fimple@silt.agr.okstate.edu
Debbie Gaines, gainesd@silt.agr.okstate.edu

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