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The Sac River basin is in southwest Missouri. Counties in this basin include:  Cedar, Dade, Hickory, St. Clair, Vernon, Barton, Lawrence, Greene, Christian, and Polk counties.  Cities include: Arcola, Ash Grove, Aldrich, Bolivar, Brookline, Billings, Collins, Dadeville, El Dorado Springs, Everton, Fair Play, Flemington, Greenfield, Halltown, Humansville, Jerico Springs, Lockwood, Miller, Morrisville, Milford, Stockton, Springfield, South Greenfield, Strafford, Republic, Umber View Heights, Willard, and Walnut Grove. These towns and cities have some or part of their area the Sac River Basin. Springfield is the biggest city in the Sac River Basin. However, only the extreme northwest part of Springfield is located in the Sac River Basin. The population of the entire watershed was 84,288 people in 2000.

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