Barry County
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County Map
Size 494,722 Acres
County Seat Cassville
2000 Population
Change 1990-2000
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Agricultural and Natural Resources Contacts

1Land cover type


%coverage of County
Non-Native, Cool-Season Grassland


Deciduous Upland Mixed Oak Forest


Mixed Evergreen-Deciduous Red Cedar Hardwood Forest


Grassland - General


1Land cover type - includes top four types of land coverage.

Water Bodies
Lakes Rivers/Creeks Rivers/Creeks
Table Rock Lake Davis Hollow
Dry Hollow
Galena Hollow
Greasy Creek
Gunter Creek
Hudson R.
Jenkins Creek
Joyce Branch
Ketchum Hollow
King Creek
Flat Branch
Clear Creek
Shoal Creek
Natural Bridge Hollow
Pogue Creek
Roaring Creek
E. Fk. Rock Creek
Rockhouse Creek
Capps Creek
Schawenee Creek
Shoal Creek
Sugar Creek
Big Sugar Creek
Calton Creek
Butter Creek

Missouri Fishing Waters
Stream Miles 150 miles
Stream Acres 388 acres
Lake Acres 16,316 acres

Watershed Health
Safe Drinking Water Act Compliance Values
Crosses four (4) **Watersheds (at the
8 digit level of the USGS Hydrologic Units)
11010001 Beaver Reservoir
11010002 James
11070207 Spring
11070208 Elk

Primary Drinking Source List of Drinking Water Systems
Impaired waters [303(d) Waters requiring development of TMDLs to restore water quality Clear Creek; Pollutant - BOD, NFR, NH3N; Source - Monett WWTP; Priority - Low

Shoal Creek; Pollutant - Fecal coliform; Source - Unknown Ag. Sources; Priority - Medium

B. Sugar Creek; Pollutant - Nutrients; Source - Livestock Production; Priority - Medium

Watershed Plans to Repair Impaired Waters Clear Creek
Water Pollution Control's (Regional) Basin Plans White River Basin
Water Quality in White River Basin
Watershed Restoration Projects
(CAFOs) in the Missouri portion of the White River watershed
Missouri Department of Conservation MDC Private Land Assistance
Conservation Assistance Contractors
Soils: Missouri Cooperative Soil Survey Manuscript and SSURGO Data Access Page
Citizen Groups working in these
Beaver Reservoir

Missouri Department
of Natural Resources

Missouri Watershed Information Network (MoWIN)
Send comments to:
205 Agricultural Engineering
Columbia, MO 65211
Phone: (573) 882-0085
Toll Free: (MO only): 1-877-H20-shed (426-7433)
Fax: (573) 884-5650

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