Sac River Basin - 4-H, FFA and Other Local Activities
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The FFA chapter of Pleasant Hope High School is involved in Stream Team activities in the Little Sac River. The Stream Team project is a volunteer program facilitated by the Missouri Department of Conservation. It allows volunteers to collect data on area streams to assess stream health. These data include identification of stream macroinvertebrates (such as insect larvae) and measurement of chemicals streams.

Willard High School is also involved in Stream Team activities in the Sac River Basin.

Marion C. Early High School: This school, located in Morrisville, holds an annual water festival that offers watershed education and updates on local watershed health.


The 4-H youth development program works with youth 5 to 18years of age to offer:

  • Long-term educational experiences that include learning-by-doing in projects, community service, trips and strong family involvement. 4-H members acquire knowledge, build character, develop life skills and form attitudes that will enable them to be self-directed, productive members of society.
  • Short-term educational experiences such as school enrichment programs that supplement learning in the classroom. Most are led by teachers or 4-H volunteers. These experiences may include embryology training, after-school computer labs, and educational support for students’ science fair projects.

Special-interest programs include conferences, distance learning programs, day camps and other educational activities such as stream cleanup outings and school-age care. 4-H has no geographic boundaries, and available environmental activities vary by county. While it has its beginnings in rural America, 4-H projects and activities today appeal to all young people.

  • 14% of members are from farms
  • 38% are from rural towns smaller than 10,000
  • 23% are from cities and towns 10-50,000
  • 16% are from cities larger than 50,000
  • 9% are from suburbs larger than 50,000

For more information about the 4-H mission, see If you are interested in joining a 4-H club or becoming a volunteer, contact your county University of Missouri Extension Center, or one of the following:

Missouri 4-H State Office Website:

Barton County:
Elaine Davis,
Bob McNary,

Cedar County:
Vicki Simmons,
Bob McNary,

Dade County:
Bob McNary,

Greene County:
Becky Fay,
Byron Morrison,

Hickory County:
Deanna Stuckey,
Byron Morrison,>

Lawrence County:
John Ezell,

Polk County:
Pat Kirby,
Byron Morrison,>

St. Clair County:
Kaylene Hoeme,

Vernon County:
Carol Parmenter,

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